How to apply

  • Admission under Government and Management seat will be done on the basis of the seat sharing ratio (50:50) and rules and regulation issued by Government of Kerala from time to time.
    • Online application – Management quota –
    • Online application – Government quota –
    • Candidate under NRI /Foreign should submit an application at College Office.(Chempakamangalam, Korani P.O, Thiruvananthapuram)

Additional documents required for NRI /NRI SPONSORED students.

    1. Sponsorship certificate
    2. Attested copy of the passport of the sponsor (by the Indian Embassy or Consulate.)
    3. Attested copy of the relevant page of the passport where employment visa is stamped (by the Indian Embassy or Consulate.)
    4. Attested copy of Employment certificate (by the Indian Embassy or Consulate.)
    5. Relationship certificated from the Village officer

Additional documents required for foreign students.

    1. Sponsorship certificate.
    2. Employment certificate of the parents.
    3. Student visa –Status.
    4. NOC from ministry of foreign affairs.
    5. Permission from Government of India.
    6. Eligibility Certificate from INC & Kerala University of Health Sciences.
    7. 7.Equivalency certificate from ( Association of Indian University, New Delhi).

Rules and Regulations

  • The students will be directly under the disciplinary control of the Principal and should abide by the rules and regulations of the Institution.
  • The students should always maintain the standard and decorum of the College.
  • Students should get permission from the Principal to visit relatives in the hospital wards.
  • Students shall receive authorized visitors only at visitors’ room. (Hostel).
  • Students are liable for dismissal for misconduct, inefficiency or neglect of duty, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Institution, which are read and accepted by them.
  • Students should submit their assignments and complete their records on time before entering into the next academic year, failing which they will not be permitted to attend classes or clinical  (the student will be considered as absentee during these days.
  • Parents Teachers Meetings are organized after each sessional examination and during emergency to discuss the academic program and discipline.
  • There is an anti-ragging cell functioning in the College of Nursing, headed by Principal. Students and their guardian should sign a contract stating the rules and regulation of ragging concerned.
  • The students will be given the contact numbers for communicating in emergency situation.
  • Candidate should remit the fees as stipulated by Government / Management during the first month of every academic year.
  • The students should wear the prescribed uniform throughout the class/duty hours. The uniform should be kept neat and tidy.
  • The students are expected to maintain high academic and clinical standards of performance throughout the programme.
  • Regular class tests are conducted subject wise and will be recorded in the register.
  • At the end of each academic year, a model examination is conducted before the University Examination.
  • Statement of internal marks will be made on the basis of regular marks obtained from regular sessional exam and model examination. Progress record is to be signed by the parents  at the meeting conducted after each sessional examination .
  • A record of clinical evaluation is made to assess the standard of performance of the students.
  • General conduct / behaviour will be considered as one parameter for finalizing the internal assessment.
  • Those who do not obtain 50 % mark in internal examination are not permitted to appear for university examination.
  • A cumulative record is maintained for each student.
  • A student who is absent for a total of more than 60 days continuously within a period of three months during the academic year is not permitted to continue the course with the same batch. In that case he /she may have to obtain special sanction from the higher authorities – concerned University.
  • Students who pass the examination at a subsequent appearance shall be ranked in second class. Students who pass the examination subject by subject also shall be ranked in second class.
  • Candidate shall not be admitted to the subsequent examination unless the candidate has passed the previous examination.
  • On completion of course, each student will be provided with a detailed transcript.