Parent Hospital

    • Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences , Trivandrum
    • KIMS is a 650 bed multi-speciality tertiary care
      hospital where a competent team of specialists and sophisticated technology come
      together to deliver high-quality medical aid.

Since its inception in January 2002 , KIMS has
invested immensely in the area of quality and safe patient care. KIMS in 2006
successfully completed both National accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH)
and Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI)
accreditation thus becoming the first hospital in India with both National &
International accreditations. KIMS laboratory is accredited by National
Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL) and the
blood bank accredited by NABH.

Nursing Practice

  • The entire KIMS Hospital complex with its various specialties is made available to the students for clinical experience.
  • The Institution is also affiliated to various reputed hospitals for the clinical experience (The Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, The Women and Children Hospital, Thycaud, The Mental Health Center, Peroorkada, SCTIMST,Thiruvananthapuram, Govt.Model Hospital, Peroorkada, , NIMHANS, Bangalore and Primary Health Centers )
  • A well organized community health centres are provided for clinical experiences.


Well-equipped laboratory facilities, exclusively for College of Nursing are available in addition to the modern lab facilities of KIMS Hospital.


A well equipped library is functioning under College of Nursing . Library consists of more than 4000 books and 100 journals including internet facilities.

If any book is lost or damaged, the cost for replacement or for the rectification of the same shall be released from the caution deposit of the student concerned.

Professional Organization

  • A Student Nurses Association is functioning, in which a number of opportunities are offered to the students to motivate and develop their skills and talents at various levels.
  • An an active NSS unit is functioning in the college
  • The students will be guided by experts in various activities conducted by SNA/NSS at local, state and national levels.

Medical Checkup

  • A Health record is maintained in the College to monitor the health status of the students. Students should produce the health record whenever they consult doctors at KIMS.

Health Insurance
Students have insurance coverage upto Rs.50, 000 / – for treatment as inpatient.

Transportation facilities are available for the students and teachers.


Hostel facilities are available only for girls.

  • Students should leave campus only with the permission of the authority or other responsible persons in charge of the hostel. Special permission should be obtained from the Principal for taking leave and going home. They should write their name, the place, where they want to go, the time of departure and the expected time of return with their signature, in the book provided for the purpose. When they return, the time must be marked again in the register with their signature.
  • Students are responsible for the up-keep and cleanliness of their rooms and surroundings. Surprise inspection is made at any time.
  • The authorities are not responsible for the loss of any money, articles or valuables from the rooms. If any loss is noticed, the matter should be reported immediately to the authority.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to give gifts to hostel servants and are not permitted to give direct orders to them.
  • Students should be punctual in taking their meals as per the specified timing.
  • Students who are sick must report to the concerned authority /warden. No student is permitted to be absent from duty without obtaining previous permission from the Principal /authority.
  • Guardians should give the details of the permitted visitors .The visitors are allowed to see them only on permitted days after duty hours
  • The hostel committee will meet once in a month .The committee has representatives from the students.
  • The mess bill will be displayed on the notice board on or before the third of every month and must be paid invariably by 10th of every month. Deductions from the mess are not made for periods of absence of less than five days at a time.
  • Students are not permitted to entertain guests in the mess without the permission of the authorities.
  • Students are not permitted to maintain credit accounts in shops and business establishments at any cost.